Real Estate

Purchasing real estate is one of the most important financial decisions a person will make during his or her lifetime — it is important to make sure the process goes smoothly and as intended. Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling residential and commercial buyers, sellers and developers in various real estate matters:

  • Do you need help with closing documentation?
  • Are you looking for a lawyer to review your contract documents to protect your interests before you sign?
  • Are you looking for a lawyer to review your real estate contract to determine if you or another party has breached that contract?
  • Do you or your business need help with foreclosure or eviction proceedings?
  • Are you a landlord who needs help with property management, lease drafting or a problem tenant?
  • Are you a tenant who has a dispute with your landlord?
  • Are you a landlord who has a dispute with a tenant?
  • Are you a real estate broker who has been sued for professional malpractice?
  • Do you need assistance with the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property?

Perhaps there is a provision in a contract that you don’t understand or that you believe needs revision. We can help.

In Western Montana, the real estate market and business activity have been growing ever faster over the last 15 to 20 years. Many of our clients seek our qualified legal advice to make sure that all of their contracts and transactions are legal and thoroughly examined before signing.

When you contact our law firm in Missoula, Montana, our lawyers will give you comprehensive legal advice that preserves your best interest. MDS subspecialties in this area include:

  • Townhome and condominium formation.
  • Buy-sell agreements.
  • Closings.
  • Easement disputes.
  • Foreclosure and condemnation issues.
  • Land use planning and zoning.
  • Land developments.
  • Real property investments.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Breach of warranty issues.
  • Building inspections.
  • Quiet title actions.
  • Landlord — tenant disputes.


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