Mediation & Arbitration

Litigation can prove to be time-consuming and costly so even a win at trial may not always be the best result that can be achieved in a particular case. In fact, because of the risk and expense of trial, most cases are resolved through some form of mediated resolution. As an alternative to litigating a dispute, or continuing to litigate to a judicial resolution, mediation allows all parties involved in a dispute to step outside the traditional adversarial process and attempt to find their own solutions to the issues with the assistance of a trained, neutral mediator. The mediator facilitates their communications, helps them identify key issues and interests, and then helps the parties develop workable options for reaching a fair and reasonable agreement.

Although we have attained many courtroom achievements, all MDS attorneys seek to optimize case outcomes for clients regarding the costs and risks of litigation. As a result of our attorneys’ broad experiences in the courtroom, as well as in mediation and arbitration, MDS attorneys are an exceptional choice as a neutral third party for your next mediation or arbitration. Mediation requires confidence in the mediator’s knowledge of the legal principles involved. Mediations have a greater chance of success when working with mediators demonstrating strong people skills – calm demeanor, good listening skills, empathy, skilled communication, knowledge of the applicable law and fair-mindedness. From two-party cases to complex multimillion-dollar corporate litigation, our attorneys have the experience and maturity in the practice to assist you in resolving disputes and reducing the risk associated with a decision by a judge or jury.


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