Workers’ Compensation

Our firm has successfully represented employers and employees throughout the state of Montana in workers’ compensation. Our work in this area involves more than litigating individual claims, it also focuses also on advising our clients on the ever-changing workers’ compensation legal landscape and how to maximize and use the relevant law to their benefit.

For employers, our services include not only advising our clients on the specific claim, but working with the employer to understand and utilize best practices when considering workplace safety and injuries.

For injured employees, we assist the client with all aspects of the claim — including navigating the complex relationship between the employer, workers’ compensation adjuster and nurse case manager — to ensure prompt care is received. Our goal is to assist in returning the employee to his or her time-of injury job as soon as possible. In the event the injured employee is unable to meet to physical requirements of his or her position, our goal is to help the employee achieve the best possible outcome as allowed under the law.

In addition to workers’ compensation claims, the firm has represented employers and insurers in applying the law to commercial insurance policies where a claim is alleged that involves a subjective employment relationship.


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