Animal Law

MDS is one of the few law firms in the state with attorneys dedicating time specifically to the practice of animal law. A general term for the broad-based body of law, animal law governs the relationship between humans and animals and emphasizes animal welfare. Animal law is a burgeoning legal discipline that spans a wide variety of transactional and litigation practice areas. This body of law impacts nearly all Montanans in some way, including ranchers, equine enthusiasts, veterinarians, pet owners, hunters and anglers, property managers and business owners. Our animal law attorneys handle most aspects of animal law, and are here to provide compassionate assistance for your animal-related needs, including, for example:

  • Legislative affairs, monitoring and bill drafting for animal issues.
  • Veterinary malpractice litigation.
  • Animal injury litigation.
  • Drafting purchase and breeding agreements.
  • Animal ownership disputes.
  • Providing for companion animals through estate planning.
  • Agricultural animal and livestock permitting issues.
  • Advising landlords and tenants on liability, property rights and eviction issues.


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